Neon Genesis Evangelion

What a daunting piece of art. Where does one begin? The title sequence alone could be a jumping off point for an entire piece. It’s a testament to the soul of the show, which is this dense, philosophical story. Whether or not that philosophizing adds up to anything meaningful is a debate, especially with the show’s own creator saying that a lot of the imagery was mostly just dressing for a cool aesthetic. Continue reading Neon Genesis Evangelion

Discoveries of 2015

About Elly

America finally gets a release of one of the most talked about Iranian films. The less said about this film the better. It’s a slow burn to a great final act and you’re absolutely want to see this film blind. Asghar Farhadi is establishing himself as one of the best international filmmakers and going back to this work only solidifies his status in the world of cinema. Continue reading Discoveries of 2015

On Watching Nature

Some of the greatest sights you’ll ever see in your life won’t be found on the silver screen or your flat-screened TV. These rich sights require a little work to find, they’re not nearly as accessible or easy to find as a piece of media. It can take some sweat and work to find it, but what it provides is vast and rich. And the visual splendor on display often puts even the best pieces of media to shame. Nature is something to behold. Continue reading On Watching Nature