• I’ve only seen 3 of these, embarrassing, and one of those was ‘Mean Girls’!

    Which one of these should I add to my watchlist then?

    • James Blake Ewing

      Blow Up and Rome: Open City are probably the two I’d recommend first. After that, Captain Blood. Definitely add those to the watch list.

      Turin Horse will depend on if you like that kind of film. Also, I Take This Woman is (I believe) hard to find, I caught it on TCM.

  • Jacob

    O.K. Now I’m really looking forward to your Disney Animation marathon. I am beyond curious as to how you can dislike Fantasia, which to me seems up your alley.

    • James Blake Ewing

      Sadly, the Disney marathon will probably never happen because of how stingy Disney is about making their movies available.

      I guess the gist of Fantasia is that I really didn’t like how it kept going back to the orchestra and I wish the visuals were a bit more free-form. Seemed to structured to the music. I think if you watch any random handful of Disney’s Silly Symphonies, that ends up making a better movie than Fantasia.