Cowboy Bebop Postmortem

I thought I’d give a few closing thoughts on the series. Bellow is every episode ranked in my personal order of preference. I also made a few fun categories of my other favorite things about the show. Feel free to ask me about any of my other general thoughts about the show. It was the first time I’ve gone through an anime show (I’ve seen plenty of anime movies), and it was a blast.

1.5 Ballad of Fallen Angles
1.25 & 1.26 The Real Folk Blues
1.1 Asteroid Blues
1.19 Wild Horses
1.24 Hard Luck Woman
1.22 Cowboy Funk
1.8 Waltz for Venus
1.15 My Funny Valentine
1.17 Mushroom Samba
1.10 Ganymede Elegy
1.18 Speak Like a Child
1.23 Brain Scratch
1.12 & 1.13 Jupiter Jazz
1.20 Pierrot Le Fou
1.2 Stray Dog Strut
1.3 Honky Tonk Woman
1.11 Toys in the Attic
1.16 Black Dog Serenade
1.9 Jamming with Edward
1.14 Bohemian Rhapsody
1.7 Heavy Metal Queen
1.4 Gateway Shuffle
1.6 Sympathy for the Devil
1.21 Boogie-Woogie Feng-Shui

Favorite Character: Faye Valentine
This one was close. For a while it was a tossup between Spike and Faye, but what ultimate put Faye over the top is that I think she goes through a more interesting character arc. The tension between wanting to know her past and the fear of what she might discover makes her journey much more compelling to watch, even if I tend to think the Spike episodes are slightly better written and executed.

Best Song: Words that We Couldn’t Say (Steve Conte)
This show has a lot of great songs, and a lot of them get that extra little bit of magic in the context of the show. However, of all the songs written for the show, this is the one that works just as much, if not more, outside the show as it does within the context of the episode. Tank, Rain, and See You Space Cowboy were all strong contenders, but each is elevated because of the moments they’re in. Words that We Couldn’t Say is just as damn good on its own.

Best Score: Piano Black
This one could change from day to day. There are so many great bits of score from this show. From the sci-fi infused Vangelis like tracks to the harmonica tinged folksy tunes and the many, many jazz pieces, you could pick at random and get something wonderful. However, this one brings all those different bits of influences together into a nice little jam and is a wonderful cross-section of the show’s score. Hence why it’s my favorite…at least for today.

Best Fight: Waltz for Venus opening fight.
In terms of choreography and action, there are better fights, but what I love about this scene is how chill it is. Spike casually brings down a group of hijackers as if he’s just a clumsy guy. It fits his character so perfectly and the way it’s paced and put together makes it all seem effortless. It fits the mood of the show perfectly.

Best Scene: Walk in the Rain (Ballad of Fallen Angels)
A lot of the show is built around music and mood, and, for me, this is the pinnacle of that union. Rain is a haunting tune and the fact that it plays in the scene without actual rain goes a long way to making it not feel on the nose. Add in the amazing detail put into the backdrops and the striking use of color and it’s a magnificent mood piece. This sequence is a major reason why Ballad of Fallen Angels is my favorite episode of the show.