Month in Review: September 2010

1. Das Boot

2. Downfall

3. My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?

4. The Life of Brian

5. Duel

6. The Town

7. Munchhausen (1943)

8. A Prophet

9. Get Low

10. The Sugarland Express

11. The Wolf Man (2010)

12. American History X

13. The Manxman

14. Machete

15. Kuhle Wampe

16. Lost and Found (1996)

17. His Name Was Jason

18. Cat People (1982)




The Passion of Joan of Arc

Play Time

The Thin Red Line

Zodiac (2009)

  • So Jim, any plans for a Criterion DVD review for “The Thin Red Line”?

    I haven’t gotten my copy yet until I get my last paycheck.

    • I got mine day one and watched it, but I don’t do DVD reviews. I thought about doing just a movie review for it, but I’m holding off for the inevitable, epic Malick marathon.