LAMBcast 50 – LAMBcast Top 10 Highlights

This is more of us just presenting the funniest moments of the show (i.e. every time Jason says anything), because the LAMBcast sucks at being serious. I blame Dylan because as Nick and I proved on The Demented Podcast, we can create a serious, insightful and totally awesome podcast. In the spirit of not being serious at all, I imitate Mark Wahlberg and then proceed to completely fail at pronouncing  Zoe Saldana’s name. It’s all good because I say her name as well as she can act. O yea, and then I grill my own website.

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  • “because the LAMBcast sucks at being serious”

    I know you’re just ribbing me here, but you point out something that I’ve always kinda loved about the LAMBcast, a feature that almost no other show can offer (and some might say is a negative aspect to it): the tone of the show can change 180 degrees from one episode to the next. By having a revolving door policy (with me being pretty much the only truly constant mainstay, and I like to think I can go either way), it’s a chameleon. If it’s Jason and Kai on, you can be certain that it will likely suck at being serious, but if it’s you, me, and Sebastian (for example), it can be much more so. Like I said, this might be a bad thing, as that leaves the show without a true identity, but I really kinda like it this way.

    • Yes, I was totally kidding. We’ve had some great, serious discussions about films but also a lot of funny stuff. I guess the great discussions weren’t as memorable as the funny stuff, though.

      • Well, they certainly don’t make for good clips…