2011 LAMMY

I’ve been nominated for a couple of awards over at the Large Association of Movie Blogs. First and foremost, thanks to the people who nominated me for both Best New LAMB and Brainiac Award. Now, while you LAMB members are probably expecting me to beg you guys to go vote for me, I’d rather beg you to check out all the nominees, or at least as many as you can. There are a lot of talented people who have made some great sites, some of which are a sight better than mine.

For best new LAMB I’ve got a couple of outstanding people I want to highlight:

Check out Steve over at Cinematic Paradox f. She’s probably the youngest new LAMB and has seen a lot of movies I’ve been meaning to check out. She’s even seen a Janet Gaynor film I haven’t seen! Madness!

Also, Jack over at Jack L. film reviews came out of seemingly nowhere and is probably one of the most active LAMB members around even though he’s one of the newest. His silent film marathon was all kinds of boss.

For the Braniac award I’d highlight someone else, but lets be honest, you’re already gonna vote for someone else anyway after that Justin Beiber: Never Say Never review I just posted.

Voting ends at June 6th and I’d encourage all LAMB members to vote.