LAMBcast 70 – DVD Discussion

The latest foray into the LAMBcast is a discussion of the physical medium that film takes in order to be easily disseminated among the masses. Or, as Jason Soto might say, “lets talk about DVDs!” He’s got a way with words that mystifies the rest of us. Nick and Sebastian. are also on deck to talk about those shiny, mystical circles of magic. How do they work? Probably magnets

Also, NSFW.

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  • Carl

    The Whedon Nation is not amused with your comments.

    • I forgot I even said that. Would they disapprove even more if I said Dollhouse was Wheadon’s best work?

      • Hilarious! Everyone seem to have forgotten how bad the Angel series turned after season one!

      • Are you kidding me? Around season 3 and forward it turned really soapish. Felt like Days of our lives or something. Sure some episodes stick out as good ones but those were really few.