• http://1001plus.blogspot.com movie guy steve

    For the record, I voted for it, too. I really like this movie a lot.

    Fun show! Great being on it with you.

    • http://cinemasights.wordpress.com/ James Blake Ewing

      Glad you did. It was a lot of fun having you in the discussion.

  • http://dukeandthemovies.com Sam Fragoso

    I think I lost some friends over this podcast 😀

    • http://cinemasights.wordpress.com/ James Blake Ewing

      Well, I agreed with you on this podcast. For what it’s worth.

  • http://buckle22.blogspot.com Andrew Buckle

    This was a great LAMBcast guys! Nice observations about the MOTM. I have seen The Third Man a couple of times and I think it’s great. The story is intriguing and the famous final third has many memorable sequences. I also enjoyed the quite passionate discussion on The Tree of Life and Zookeeper. Look forward to the next episode and catching up with Tom at the Melancholia and Tiny Furniture screenings at the MIFF in a few weeks!

    • http://cinemasights.wordpress.com/ James Blake Ewing

      We had some interesting discussion. In the past, I kinda prod to get a good debate going, but here, it just naturally happened.

  • http://dukeandthemovies.com Sam

    It was mostly just me yelling and making an ass out of myself, but yes very fun discussion 😀