Month in Review: August 2011

1. Only Angels Have Wings

2. Le Samourai (1967)

3. eXistenZ

4. A Man for All Season (1966)

5. Beauty and the Beast (1946)

6. The Leopard

7. Videodrome

8. Day of Wrath

9. A Woman Under the Influences

10. Never Say Never Again

11. In a Lonely Place

12. Roman Holiday

13. Crash (1996)

14. Broadway Danny Rose

15. Eastern Promises

16. For Your Eyes Only

17. 35 Shots of Rum

18. Scanners

19. Jerry Maguire

20. Millennium Mambo

21. I Know Where I’m Going!

22. The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

23. Naked Lunch

24. Octopussy

25. A View to a Kill


2001: A Space Odyssey


A Clockwork Orange

The Fly

A History of Violence

Karamer vs. Kramer

The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

The Matrix Revolutions

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Raging Bull

Syndromes and a Century

  • Sam Fragoso

    I need to adopt your way of filmgoing. 36 films in a month is impressive.

    Keep up the good work James.

    • James Blake Ewing

      I could have watched more if I didn’t slack off in the middle of the month. But yea, sometimes I’m surprised by how many movies I’ve seen in a month. Seems like a long time since I watched A Woman Under the Influences.

  • harvey zissou

    My favorite howard hawks takes august. Nice.

    • James Blake Ewing

      I should have a review up tonight.

  • Roric

    Are these ranked in the order you saw them or how much you liked them?

    • James Blake Ewing

      They are ranked by how much I liked them.

  • Andrew Buckle

    Another impressive month James! I watched just 29 this month. As for your rankings, are the re-watches also ranked? The Matrix Revolutions above One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? Some great stuff here, though. I really have an urge to watch A History of Violence again.

    • James Blake Ewing

      No, the rewatches aren’t ranked, they are just alphabetically listed. None of the Matrix films are better than One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!

  • Stevee

    I still have to see Only Angels Have Wings and Roman Holiday. I’ve always been meaning to see them…but I can’t find them anywhere!
    But you have watched a lot this month. Well done!

    • James Blake Ewing

      Bummer. They’re both lovely. I think you’d like Roman Holiday a lot. Maybe we’ll have to smuggle you a stash of DVDs through the postal service.