Month in Review: September 2011

1. The Child (2005)

2. Safe (1995)

3. Whisper of the Heart

4. Phantom of the Paradise

5. The Young Girls of Rochefort

6. Bigger than Life

7. The Son (2002)

8. Band of Outsiders

9. La Jetee

10. Make Way for Tomorrow

11. Drive (2011)

12. Tender Mercies

13. Early Summer

14. The Living Daylights

15. The Mirror (1975)

16. White Material

17. Licence to Kill

18. 50/50

19. Tomorrow Never Dies

20. All That Heaven Allows

21. GoldenEye

22. The Burning

23. American Psycho

24. Meek’s Cutoff

25. Buried (2010)


Au hasard Balthazar

Babette’s Feast

Peeping Tom

  • Only a few re-watches this month? Mine was mostly re-watches because I saw little that interested me at the cinema. Not a fan of American Psycho?

    • I think I’ve written about this in the past, but I don’t rewatch that much. Only over the summer did I really get into rewatches. Now that school is back, I’ll probably be going mostly for stuff I haven’t seen again.

      I get what American Psycho is doing, but I just found it kinda…trite. It’s a bit too obvious and goofy for me. Especially the later sections of the film which I thought were hilariously bad, especially the chainsaw bit.

      • That’s fair enough. I usually keep my re-watches to less than 10, but sometimes I have urges when I am reminded of a film I dislike and want to give it another go, or if I am watching a film in a social situation. Yeah, the final third of American Psycho is pretty insane, and it’s definitely the part i find the weakest. But I have a ball every time I watch it. Have you read the novel? it’s messed up.

      • I love the ending of American Psycho. It might seem ridiculous but it’s over the top to demonstrate the character descent into madness. I think the whole running around naked is a bit too much but who doesn’t like running around the house naked? What? Oh uh… ahum.

        • I’d totally run around the house naked with a chainsaw…but I lack the chainsaw. It wasn’t just that moment, but a lot of the stuff build around it. I get what it was going for, I just think it went a bit over the edge.