LAMBcast 88 – MOTM: Bronson

Once again, we’re subjected to the whim of the people. And this is why democracy sucks. Because people dictate films like Bronson. Okay, so it’s not all that bad, but we get into a lively discussion about this highly overrated and egregiously lethargic feature from Nicolas Winding Refn. Dylan and Steve, the “adults” of the LAMBcast, try to knock some sense into us punk kids, the punk kids being Sam and myself. And Nick is there to provide a steady stream of consistently hilarious jokes…and he also sums up the film fantastically.

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  • Very enjoyable LAMBcast… Poor James and his lack of esoteric comments from his readers.

  • Don’t let the old folks get you down. And please, Please, PLEASE don’t stop writing your intelligent and thought-provoking posts. Over time, your readership will shift to those of us who love your reflections, and as they/we get more used to it and more educated about film, they/we will be able to make better and better comments.

    Ok, with that pep talk, I’m going to go read (and comment) on your Drive review!

    • I have been getting an influx of solid comments this week, so I think my readers are psychic!

      Honestly, I almost never have a legitimate rant for the show so I just make up nonexistent issues half the time.

  • I can give you tips on the ranting thing.

    My favorite part of this podcast? At about 52:00, you are laughing so hard, it sounds like you’re close to an aneurysm.

    • I was trying hard to stifle my laughter at that point, but I completely lost it at that point. Almost fell over in the middle of the podcast.

      • You finally just… cut loose.

        • I have a feeling that this might have been one of our finest episodes. Poor Sam.