LAMBcast 106 – Roll Your Own Top 5

In which I present a fine and prestigious list of the best performances to ever grace the screen. That’s right, I tackle the five finest monkey performances of all time! Joel presents a quite interesting list of films I’d go watch while Rachel presents an intriguing list of overlooked films. Nick’s list I saw coming (not really) and it figures that Dylan presents the silliest list of all time.

Also, in case you didn’t see it coming, NSFW

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  • Sounds like good fun … hopefully you, me, Clifty, get on the show again.

    • That would be cool. The show is supper popular right now, though. I managed to snag a spot on the Blade Runner episode, but I imagine that will be my last one for a few months.

      • manilovefilmsdylan

        And then you skipped out on that one! 😉 Hope to get both you on soon, of course.

        I’m not sure how popular the show is, it’s just a popular one to appear on, but when you’re drawing from a potential pool of 1000 people, it shouldn’t be all that surprising. Joel’s gonna get a 2nd LAMB podcast started here sooner or later.

        My list should have been “dystopian films that would have been made better by introducing monkeys into them.” Or something like that.

        • A second podcast? Whoa. And yea, out of 1000 people, it shouldn’t be that surprising how many people are interested, I suppose.