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On Watching Nature

Some of the greatest sights you’ll ever see in your life won’t be found on the silver screen or your flat-screened TV. These rich sights require a little work to find, they’re not nearly as accessible or easy to find as a piece of media. It can take some sweat and work to find it, but what it provides is vast and rich. And the visual splendor on display often puts even the best pieces of media to shame. Nature is something to behold. Continue reading On Watching Nature

Welcome to the New Site

Welcome to Creative Criticism!

While I’ve enjoyed writing on my previous site Cinema Sights for years, it was time for a change. I’ve found myself more and more interested in exploring and writing about media beyond film and to fit this changing interest, I decided to create this new site. Right now, I’ve got content for film, television, and games, but I’ll be adding new areas in the future.

Also, this launch is a bit rough. There are still posts that need images added to them and probably some broken links. I’ll be fixing these over the next few weeks. In addition, I’m still fiddling with the layout of the site. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Second Criterion: Babette's Feast


The first time I watched Babette’s Feast, I must admit I misconstrued its themes. Here was a story that coalesced two opposing ways of living life and I was quick to see one as better than the other, when the film actually builds to something else entirely, a different way altogether of understanding life. One way seeks earthly achievements, another spiritual achievements, but neither amount to much by the end of the film.

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