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Blackhat (2015)

What a lifeless piece of junk. From the moment it opens with shots flying through circuit boards and the inner cityscapes of servers, the badness begins. The horrible CGI and the attempt to make technology sexy and sleek sets the tone for this lifeless, dreary film. The plot is a blase tale of two hackers, one a terrorist, the other a criminal. The criminal must hunt down the terrorist while being kept on a short leash by both Chinese and American agents. Continue reading Blackhat (2015)

Sicario (2015)

Sicario is an excellent film that’s not for me. It’s a fantastic piece of direction and a solid bit of storytelling in a genre and world that I don’t find compelling. For whatever reason, crime stories committed to film fail to fascinate me. I think the spectacle is too overwhelming to me. I’d much rather watch something quiet or pensive, or something that ratchets up the intensity to the level of the horror genre. Continue reading Sicario (2015)