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Top 15 Games of 2016

What a great year for games. As the industry grows, so does the breadth of experiences games deliver. From the big budget titans to the games made in a garage, these games have a lot of love and care put into them. After taking a couple of months off from the medium in the fall, I found myself overwhelmed by a slew of amazing, excellent titles and these are my favorites. Continue reading Top 15 Games of 2016


Eleven years after Cyan finished their journey with Myst, they return with a new intellectual property. Another Kickstarter story, Obduction is a spiritual successor to Myst, the story of a person flung into another world trying to make sense of an abandoned town. This involves discovering the story of what happened, unraveling the mechanics of the world, and levers, lots and lots of levers. Continue reading Obduction


Firewatch opens with the video game equivalent of rolling texts, a series of options for the player to choose to give him or her some agency over the backstory of Henry. This protagonist is a forty-something man who falls in love with Julie, marries her, and then begins to drift away as she develops early-onset dementia. Julia goes off to live with her family in Australia and Henry decides to spend the summer in Shoshone National Forest. Continue reading Firewatch


When IO Interactive announced that the next Hitman would be an episodic affair, there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. What seemed like a cash-grab and a way to keep a game in player’s conscious over months instead of a few weeks turned into an inspired publishing decision. The series has always been built around self-contained levels and by bringing those episodes out bit by bit, Hitman was able to find new, interesting ways to keep players engaged. Continue reading Hitman