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The Omega Man (1971)


If you are going to make a movie about the last man on earth you better cast the best actor you can. All you’re going to have is one man to make the audience invested in his fate and the fate of humanity. It’s has to be someone big, big enough to fill the screen as an actor and as a persona. This movie must be built upon this performance, shaped by it and anywhere it goes has to come from that. Who do you cast? Will Smith. Then you fill your movie with CG vampires, horrible plot twists and a handful of awkward scenes. Continue reading The Omega Man (1971)

Broken Blossoms (1919)

D.W. Griffith silent melodrama, Broken Blossoms, is an early demonstration of the beauty to be found in the silent era. There’s a tendency to think that beauty in films comes from the images and that the really grand and artistic stuff is to be found in the color era. Not only does this disregard many of the breathtaking black and white pictures, but it also assumes that all film has going for it is the images. D.W Griffith is perhaps the key founder of narrative filmmaking and he uses the power of narrative in film to shape a truly beautiful film in Broken Blossoms. Continue reading Broken Blossoms (1919)

I Love You, Man (2009)


The ‘90s were a progressive time when a straight man could tell another straight man, “I love you, man,” or at least it made for a line of hilarious Budweiser commercials. But what does it mean to say those words to another man? In a society that has confused love with sex to a ridiculous level, why can’t two men simply admit that fact they love each other in a non gay way? Continue reading I Love You, Man (2009)