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Persona (1967)


Being a film buff I get accused of several things often. Being a highly opinionated person I am most commonly accused of being a movie hater because I don’t like most popular films. I also get accuse of having strange tastes (which is 100% true). But the most oft repeated one is that I like pretentious movies. The truth is that calling any film pretentious presumes your subjective reaction of a film is objective truth. To someone who predominantly watches American films something like Three Colors: Blue might seem to be some pretentious French film. In reality every element of the film serves the psychological nature of the character and furthers the plot. To me, someone like David Lynch essentially just creates a mood out of disjointed and unrelated sequences, using heavy-handed techniques to convey simple ideas yet to others he’s a brilliant visionary who throws off the oppressive shackles of traditional storytelling. Continue reading Persona (1967)

Hero (2004)


Hong Kong and I are at odds at the moment. While I can appreciate the cinematic quality of such films as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon the portrayals at violence turn me off to the action. I personally just don’t like the choreography of the fights. It’s too out there, breaking the very fabrics of reality and making scenes that rarely have any context in reality. Therefore, when the film tries to craft a human drama I find it hard to reconcile that to the fantastical violence I witnessed moments ago. So going into Hero I had a list of issues I was expecting and found a few more before the credits rolled. Continue reading Hero (2004)

Black Narcissus (1947)


If this film was made in the ‘90s it would be about a group of intercity African Americans who go to the championships of some high school sport—say basketball. They’d be led by their coach who tells them to believe in themselves. The only problem is that you’d have to explain the snazzy misspelling of “narcissists.” I suggest Pursuit of Happyness for inspiration. All kidding asides what the film is about ends up being far more fascinating than you’d think it would be. I mean how gripping can a film about nuns be? Continue reading Black Narcissus (1947)

Primer (2004)


SPOILER ALERT: I strongly advise you watch the film first before reading further.  (It’s on Netflix instant for those who subscribe)

Primer is one of those true indie movies, made for such a ridiculously small amount of money that all that is on display is the quality of the filmmaking and screenwriting.  The man behind it is Shane Carruth, who not only wrote, produced, acted and directed the film but also edited and scored the picture. For a meager $7,000 Shane crafts a simple, mind puzzling, time traveling picture that packs in more depth and geekery in its 77 minute runtime than many a sci-fi picture. Continue reading Primer (2004)