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Mother! (2017)

Mother! weaves so many threads and asks so many questions that grappling with the whole picture in less than 1000 words is daunting. In many ways, the film is about the entire history of humanity condensed into one house and two hours of run-time. Evoking both the life-cycles of The Fountain and the Judeo Christian traditions of Noah, writer/director Darren Aronofsky uses Mother! to meld of his Eastern and Western ideas into one film. Continue reading Mother! (2017)

Elvis & Nixon (2016)

Possibly the funniest movie of 2016, Elvis & Nixon chronicles the true story of the meeting of two men from two entirely different worlds. There’s the superstar king of rock: Elvis (Michael Shannon) and the notorious Watergate Republican president: Nixon (Kevin Spacey). What two men could possibly say meeting each other will remain a mystery, but the film has a fun time filling in the blanks. Continue reading Elvis & Nixon (2016)