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Sicario (2015)

Sicario is an excellent film that’s not for me. It’s a fantastic piece of direction and a solid bit of storytelling in a genre and world that I don’t find compelling. For whatever reason, crime stories committed to film fail to fascinate me. I think the spectacle is too overwhelming to me. I’d much rather watch something quiet or pensive, or something that ratchets up the intensity to the level of the horror genre. Continue reading Sicario (2015)

Two or Three Things I Know About Her… (1967)

Jean-Luc Godard’s decision to be a filmmaker is interesting given that perhaps more than any other director he has a fascination with words and language. Films like Alphaville and Film Socialisme at times seem more interested in the written word than in cinema and his latest film is even titled Goodbye to Language. Continue reading Two or Three Things I Know About Her… (1967)

Mr. Hulot's Holiday (1953)

Mr. Hulot’s Holiday belongs to a rare class of films. It’s one of those titles that evokes such a warm, vibrant mood that there’s something intangibly magical imbued into its runtime. It’s a film about a holiday that shares the relaxed, idyllic pace with the audience without ever feeling droll or overstimulating. Even moments when the film seems like it should be distressing, there’s too much warmth imbued in the film to feel anxiety or stress. Each moment where the film should lul into boredom, is brought back from the brink by an interesting gag. Continue reading Mr. Hulot's Holiday (1953)