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The Lair of the Unwanted #100

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a podcast, but when I was invited to be back on The Lair of the Unwanted for it’s 100th episode, I cleared my calendar for three months just to make sure I’d be available when they called me. The episode is downright epic with a gross of guests (there are not actually 144 guests, but it felt like it), and tons of bad movies.

Check it out!

LAMBcast 109 – Films You Love But Can't Recommend to Others

In the hub-dub of finishing up the semester, I forgot to share this podcast with my readers. Along with Dylan, Nick, Brian and Steeve, we shared films we love, but are hesitant to recommend. It was an interesting array of films, a lot of them very good, but films most of us agree we have reservations about recommending to people.

NSFW for discussion of mature content.

Check it out over at the LAMB
Direct Download

LAMBcast 106 – Roll Your Own Top 5

In which I present a fine and prestigious list of the best performances to ever grace the screen. That’s right, I tackle the five finest monkey performances of all time! Joel presents a quite interesting list of films I’d go watch while Rachel presents an intriguing list of overlooked films. Nick’s list I saw coming (not really) and it figures that Dylan presents the silliest list of all time.

Also, in case you didn’t see it coming, NSFW

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