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I Am Writing a Book on Abbas Kiarostami

After a week of polling, there’s a clear winner for the book I should write. The Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami won almost by a factor of two at 53.85 percent. I’m not that surprised given that I’ve got a reputation with Kiarostami among my readers and I did outline that it had the most going for it when I presented it. Continue reading I Am Writing a Book on Abbas Kiarostami

Which Book Should I Write?

My dedicated readers will notice that my writing has trickled to a stream in 2019. There are many reasons for this but the key one is that I’ve been dedicating my time to finding a way to make money and blogging right now for me is not bringing in any money. Long story short, I’m still looking for income but I’ve also decided I’m tired of waiting to land a traditional job and may as well use my skills as a writer to come up with something I can sell: a book Continue reading Which Book Should I Write?

Kieslowski on Kieslowski

Krzystof Kieslowski’s films are a major influence on my life. His warm portraits of life blend metaphysical musings with deeply tragic and human characters. His career began in his native Poland, starting off with documentaries, then moving over to feature films and then doing a few international productions for his last four films (The Double Life of Veronique, and the Three Colors trilogy). He also made The Decalogue, a TV miniseries comprised of stories demonstrating the Ten Commandments. Continue reading Kieslowski on Kieslowski