The New Cinema Sights

The long overdue move to my own domain/host is finished. While the move is over, I’ve still got some unpacking to do, a few kinks to iron out and a bit more indexing to do. For the most part, you should find the site much as it was before.

While the new design is not quite as sleek or elegant as what I was using on the site, I plan on doing a lot of tweaking in the future, so comments and suggestions are welcome.

As for the new, so far the only major addition I’ve made is the Cinema Sights Facebook Page. Feel free to follow in the hopes that you might catch a glimpse of the face of the elusive James Blake Ewing! (Spoilers: You probably won’t.)

Regular content will resume tomorrow. Until then, check out the site, and please don’t break anything. It took me long enough to just get this ramshackle thing working.