The Wire 3.1-3.2

3.1 Time After Time

The game is being played on a new board. The opening scene is the towers being knocked down in an initiative to make new housing. It’s a throwback to season one where we find out how Avon and Bell are buying up property that will be part of a government development project. While season two was a bold divergence for the show, I like that we’re going back to the old game because there’s a lot of story left to be told.

The game also has a couple of new twists. The first is that there’s a man going on a killing spree and no one is sure who it is or what to make of the cases yet. Also, Cutty (Chad L. Coleman) finally gets out of prison after a 14 year sentence. Avon reaches out and offers him a job in his organization when he’s on the other side, but Cutty find the game has changed drastically and isn’t sure if he wants to get back in. We also see that Stringer Bell is trying to make the drug business more professional and respectable, but the kids on the street aren’t buying it.

It seems like the new perspective this season will be the introduction of city council into the story. Councilman Tommy Carcetti (Aidan Gillen) begins a crusade to cut down on the crime in Baltimore. He ends up going to Burrell and offers to work some favors to get Burrell whatever he needs behind the Mayor’s back, but Burrell wants to follow chain of command. So Tommy decides to stick the media on the whole thing and ends up starting an initiative to reduce crime across the city by 5 percent.  I like this Tommy guy. He’s got guts. Looking forward to seeing where we go with him from here.

3.2 All Due Respect

The major crimes unit is trying to get to Proposition Joe, but all the people close to him don’t use the phone. They finally seem to get the break they need with Cheese (Method Man). He talks about putting his dog down. However, the police think this is lingo for killing a man and they arrest him only to find out what he’s done doesn’t get them anything. They’ve inadvertently tipped their hand.

This brings up an interesting challenge for the show. Everyone now quits using phones, which means the wiretap is useless. Can The Wire be a show without a wire? Probably, and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of investigative strategies the major crimes unit uses going forward. Season two introduced taps on cell-phones, but season three seems swift to throw that method out the door. The game is constantly evolving.

After this screw-up, the team is also faced with a choice as to how they should proceed. Without the wire, the investigation into Proposition Joe and Stringer Bell is brought to a standstill. However, bodies are still dropping in the street and Daniels knows it’s a good chance to get some points. However, McNulty remains hard-headed and wants to keep going after Bell while the rest of the team seems eager to fall under Daniel’s leadership.

After a drug bust goes bad and a cop is hit, Howard “Bunny” Colvin (Robert Wisdom) decides to do something about it even though he’s retiring. He wants to change the way things are played and wants to make a difference. His speech about the prohibition era suggest that he wants to give the drug-dealers a change to hock their wares without putting anyone at risk. I’m not sure I follow his logic yet, but I’m sure we’ll see more of this in the future.

© 2014 James Blake Ewing