The Wire 3.3-3.4

3.3 Dead Soldiers

This season introduced the larger politics of the police department. In response to the city council mandate for lower crime rates, Deputy Ops Rawls and Commissioner Burrell are riding people hard. Some people like Bunny are blowing it off, but other guys are getting stuck hard with it. Some of them end up getting around the mandate to reduce crime by fudging up the records as they practically haven’t found a way to reduce crime. And for homicide, that’s a near impossibility as bodies can’t be hidden.

Major Crimes picks up the murder spree. McNulty is still bucking authority and continues chasing after Bell. He works out D’s “suicide” and figures out the evidence doesn’t match and that it would have to be a murder. Structurally, it seems like the show is still following Proposition Joe and Stringer Bell, so I doubt we’ll be dropping their story any time soon. The murder seems like a diversion for the moment.

Fan favorite Omar is back and we get to see him in an unusual circumstance. For once, Omar gets blindsided. He keeps hitting Barksdale stashes, despite the fact they’re the highest risk. He thinks he comes up with a good plan to take a stash, but he estimates wrong and ends up getting one of his crew killed. I like seeing Omar at a disadvantage. So much of the show he’s cocksure and in control, now he has to face the mistakes he’s made.

The stuff with Tommy is my favorite part of this show so far. He’s playing the political realm so well. You can see part of him is toying with people just for the kicks, but he’s also got ambition and seems to be building towards a bigger hand he hasn’t shown yet.

3.4 Amsterdam

The opening neighborhood meeting displays a shocking bit of honesty from Bunny. As the police talk about how they are trying to reduce crime in the neighborhood, Bunny just says he has to admit he lives in a world of evil and isn’t sure what the solution is, he just has to accept it exists instead of trying to whitewash it.

Another surprising, yet overdue, scene is Lester finally letting McNulty have it. He’s been running around under Daniel’s nose investigating something that isn’t part of the focus of the unit. However, Lester isn’t above admitting there might be something to do and gives McNulty a week to try to come up with something they can take to Daniels.

The story with Cutty so far has been one of the best parts of this season so far. His attempt to readjust is told through a lot of scenes where not much is said, but a lot is implied through action. He finally decides to get back into the game and begins to marvel at how much it has changed. People keep insisting that it’s still the game but Cutty is from an era long gone.

Bunny’s plan gains a little more definition this episode, although it’s still a bit confusing. He sets up a free zone where no police officers will patrol and he wants to push all drug activity to that area. It’s a residential free area and wouldn’t put legal citizens at risk. However, when he tries to push everyone into the area, all he gets is a circus and finds his words fall on a bunch of rowdy kids.

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