Twin Peaks 2.19-2.21

19 Variations on Relations

“Beautiful people get everything they want.”

The audience knows now that Windom is looking for The Black Lodge, a place where he can potentially manipulate evil to his own ends. Cooper believes that it’s all connected: Windom’s presence, Leo’s disappearance, and the glyphs they discovered at the cave. Briggs ends up having a dream about the glyphs in the cave. It’s interesting to see how the presence of the supernatural has gradually grown over the course of the show.

Ben Horne decides to campaign to make Miss Twin Peaks a more respectable and holistic competition. He wants to counterbalance the physical beauty with a speech topic on how to save the forests. Is this environmentalism in the name of corporate interest or is he legitimately interested in the issue? Furthering Ben’s environmental crusade, Dick has a wine tasting event. When Dick takes a fancy to Lana, Lucy gets jealous and the resulting spat is humorous. It does push the show’s comedic tone a bit more in the broader, louder gags category, but it might just be a tonal shift in the latter half of this season.

20 The Path to the Black Lodge

“It’s what’s in your heart that you should worry about.”

Windom is now playing off the chessboard. He decides to kill without making a chess move. Cooper discovers that Windom’s true motive is The Black Lodge. Windom kidnaps Briggs for information and deduces that the glyphs are both a map and a time at which the lodge will open. Both the audience and Windom are ahead of Cooper.

There’s a palpable mood of dread in this episode. While the show previously shown the tremors from an evil act, this is the first time that there’s a sense that something horrible is just around the corner. Random people in the town have their hands uncontrollably shake for a moment. There’s also the crashing of plate at the diner and the slow drip of syrup that the camera lingers upon as time slows to a crawl.

However, there’s still the beacon of love. Cooper is quite funny in love. He’s still that honest, straight talking guy but in a way that goes against the typical conventions of how romantic relationships should be led. He freely admits his feelings without reservation. It is funny how fast people tend to fall in love in this show. Perhaps that’s the outgrowth of the show being built around a day an episode cycle.

21 Miss Twin Peaks

“You make the rest of us look like primates.”

Cooper suggests that the evil in the woods that Harry talks about and The Black Lodge could be the same thing. It would also seem that Bob is from The Black Lodge. It’s also revealed that Windom did indeed kill Caroline, clearing up the little ambiguity that was left over this. It’s discovered that Fear opens The Black Lodge and love opens The White Lodge. And the key to all this will be Miss Twin Peaks, the queen.

As the women train for Miss Twin Peaks, Lucy questions the veracity of the dance, which is a funny even if it’s later undercut by her doing a swanky dance. There is something funny about seeing all these diverse and different characters with very different personalities compete in the contest.

Of course, Annie ends up winning and Windom kidnaps her. The sequence is great as the lights flash in and out creating an almost slideshow-like effect. I do think the logic behind having Annie be the key to open the lodge feels a bit forced, but I also understand that they did it to make the conflict between Cooper and Windom personal. It seems like they could have accomplished the same thing without the conceit of the Miss Twin Peaks winner being the key, which is never fully explained.

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