Death Note 16-20

16 Decisions

Light decides he’ll rescue Misa. The first step is that Misa has to give up her Death Note which means she forgets everything and starts acting like she’s been imprisoned by a stalker fan. Light suggests to L that he might be Kira, but might not be conscious of it. This kinda covers with Misa’s loss of memory. but L says Light has been recorded, so he doesn’t quite buy that Light could unconsciously be Kira. L decides to arrest Light and see what happens. And then Mr. Yagami says he wants to go to jail because he’s afraid of what he’ll do if Light turns out to be Kira. Let’s all go to jail!

Let’s make up more rules! Light can get ownership of the Death Note within a certain number of days after giving it up. So Light gets rid of it so he’ll no longer have memories of being Kira. But in losing the memories, he begins to contradict himself. And Kira starts killing again. L isn’t sure what to make of it all. The pieces don’t fit. At this point, the show is getting more and more contrived.

17 Execution

It turns out, someone else is using Misa’s notebook. Light, Misa, and Mr. Yagami are in prison for over 50 days. Light doesn’t know that Kira is killing again, L tells him no criminals are dying, hoping to get a confession. Light and Misa are taken to be executed. L says he’ll kill himself if murders don’t stop after the execution. Mr. Yagami says he’s going to kill Light and them himself. It’s so nice that we finally get some good old father/son bonding. Of course, it ends up all being a bluff. L releases them, but both under 24/7 surveillance. L and Light end up being chained together.

Misa is really concerned about how this will affect her dating life. She admits to L that she likes Kira but that she likes Light more. As the show progresses, Misa becomes more and more unlikable. However, there is a great scene where the detectives grimace as Misa and L fight. Afro detective, Aizawa (Keiji Fujiwara) slams down some epic truth after some crazy editing. L detects Light is a bit more morally centered than before and that Light feels off.

The audience discovers that the owner of the Death Note is a member of a corporation called Yotsuba. He is one of the member of a council of six, but the council doesn’t know who the killer is, only that it is one of their group as they collectively decide whom to kill. It’s a great way to have a mystery while also having a definable antagonist in a collective.

18 Ally

This episode opens with a great piece of comedy. Aizawa keeps setting off the security system and decides to run his pants through the item system. He goes into works with pants in hand. Speaking of comedy, L and Misa have some good bander this episode. L admits he has no lead (they don’t know about Yotsuba yet), thought Light was Kira, and he’s depressed. He think’s Kira’s power might have passed to another person. L and Light fight when L admits he wants Light to be Kira. We also discover that there’s been a two month jump in time. Once again, the show is leaping forward in time a lot between episodes.

The new theory is that criminal killing is a front Kira puts up to cover the killing of executives and manipulating the market. The team figures out the people running the Yotsuba corporation benefit from the killings but they don’t know who Kira is among them. I like the larger implication of the Death Note being used for a different end now. In light of this new knowledge of Kira’s methods, the police decide to back off.. L brings on Aiber (Takuya Kirimoto) and Wedy (Miki Nagasawa), a con man and a thief, to investigate the company.

Aizawa decides to leave the team. There’s a beautiful moment where he meets his family in the park and the elation of his daughter reminds him how distance he’s become from his family in pursuing the case. It’s a surprising glimpse of humanity in a show that is usually emotionally cold.

19 Matsuda

Detective Matsuda (Ryo Naito) deciding he wants to do some proactive investigating on his own and look into Yotsuba himself. He inadvertently stumbles right into their secret meeting, bungling L’s plan before he can even finish explaining it to the group back at base. I do like the shift in making the show more about the team of detectives and less about the L and Light antagonism. It’s also interesting to see what Light is like on the goodguy’s side.

The episode becomes a rescue mission with Misa posing as a potential spokesperson for Yotsuba. They end up throwing a big party, because that’s how every evil secret corporate meeting should end. The party culminates in Matsuda doing an epic drunk handstands and falling off the edge of the building. It’s all a way to fake Matsuda’s death. Crisis averted! And then they have their con man Aiber blackmail the corporation unless he gets on their payroll and works jobs for them.

20 Makeshift

Wedy taps on the Yotsuba group conference room, and they can hear their discussions. Of course, they don’t know who Kira is among them. They have have enough to arrest the entire group but L says they have to let them kill more to get Kira. Light and his dad disagree with this, say they are obligated to stop them. Kira calls one of the board members and gets him to be a cooperator inside the group to try to delay the deaths. He gets them to redirect to searce for L and cut back on the deaths.

Light stepping up impresses L. L says Light could be his successor if anything happened to him. Light figures out it’s another one of L’s traps to see if he was Kira. If you know that I know that you know. It makes me wonder how many episode of Death Note are basically that scene from The Princess Bride. L still thinks Light could be Kira and get his power back once L is out of the way. L split with group, decides they should investigate separately. L has some plan for Misa, end up having a long talk and they become friends. Really, Death Note? More friendship? This is truly the darkest of shows.

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