Death Note 21-26

21 Performance

This episode shit goes down in the bathroom scene. Rem reveals herself to Misa by touching her with a page from the Death Note. Wait, Shinigami can now interact with the physical realm? The show is flagrantly bending the rules. You just have to go with it at this point, I guess. Anyway, Rem reveals that Light was Kira and that Higuchi (Issei Futamata) is now the new Kira.  

Misa decides to do her own investigating and pretend to date Higuchi even though Light tells her not to. What could possibly go wrong? Misa bluffs that she’s second Kira, gets Higuchi to reveal he’s Kira, she kills a criminal. How? Wuut? This is never explained, but I guess maybe Rem gave Misa the page she touched her with. Misa convinces Higuchi to stop killing to prove he’s Kira. This is quite a good episode of twists if you can get past how it keeps making up rules. Misa reveals New Kira’s identity to the team.

22 Guidance

L realizes that he will have a hard time deducing the method of killing if Kira stops killing criminals. L says that he’s pretty sure Light used to be Kira, but doesn’t remember it. L think there must be some way to transfer the power or someone or something is behind that power. Light seems to agree and says he must have given the power to someone else. They create a plan to air the identity of Kira, to force Higuchi to kill, see how he does it. It involves putting Matsuda on the line. This was an episode of Death Note.

23 Frenzy

Higuchi is in the process of tracking down Matsuda’s real name as the broadcast continues. Light and L see Higuchi talking to someone in his empty car. L says it must be a shinigami. Light and L miss that Higuchi writes the name in the Death Note. Is it so simple that they’re too smart to see it. Decides he has to make the deal for the Shinigami eyes when he can’t get Matsuda’s real name. L figures out he can now kill by just looking at someone.

L decides it’s time to bring Higuchi in. Lures him to TV station, a gunfight chase ensues, then a car chase. Then Watari snipes out Higuchi’s tire. What a badass. This is one of the more action-jammed episodes of the show and some pretty cray stuff happens. The past couple of episodes have been tense, but episode is much more action than plot.

24 Revival

Higuchi reveals that he kills by the Death Note, the people who see the Death Note see Rem and start freaking out. L sees it and when Light gets the book, he gets all his memories of Death Note back. See how Light switched the books up between the shinigami so he could get his book back eventually. Let’s make up more rules! So apparently Light only has memories of Death Note when holding a Death Note unless it’s his own. But it hardly matters because it turns out Light had bit of his book stashed away in his watch that he remembers when holding the Death Note so when he sees the page he remembers everything all the time.

We also discover that Light made a fake rule that if a person doesn’t use the note every 13 days, they die. But if that’s true, why did Higuchi ever agree to stop killing? Or did he just lie and plan to kill secretly. L clears Light and Misa based on this erroneous rule. Light is back to his evil plan.Tells Misa where to dig up her old book and she regains her memory and power.

He left a note that tells Misa to right L’s name in the book, but she can’t remember it. Has seen too many names and dates. Misa halves her life again to get the shinigami eyes. Light and Misa have their Shinigami swapped. Oh yea, Light saying he wants to live with Misa in new world. But we see as he embraces her that his eyes are glowing evil red and Ryuk is casting an ominous shadow behind him. This is more of the Death Note I wanted. It’s good to have evil Light back.

25 Silence

What a weird opening. I’m guessing we see L as a child at an orphanage. We also see that someone watching an old film. It’s ambiguous and atmospheric in a way that we only see occasionally in this show. Add in that crazy, vocal music and it’s quite a haunting scene. This is soon followed by a quiet scene of Misa walking through the streets as the names she’s written kill people. Another astounding scene has Light and L talking in the haze of a rainstorm, audio cutting out at key points. I love the the quietness of this episode. It’s a soft, unnerving episode for most of its runtime.

Light sets Rem up to have to kill L in order to protect Misa from all the bodies she’s just dropping that will lead L to her. Seems simpler for Misa just to see L’s name, but it does get rid of Rem for Light, so it makes sense and is quite clever. L decides to get a criminal to use the Death Note to test the 13 days rule, which will of course implicate Misa. Rem kills Watari and L. Wow. Light won. Light vows to the team that he will avenge the deaths of Watari and L and find out who Kira is.

26 Renewal

Episode begins with 12 minutes of recap of the whole show. I’ll be honest, I skipped it. Light pretends that he doesn’t want to be L. But then realizes how easy it is to get what he wants, says it’s no fun without L. His father will be the one to hide the Death Note. Also, Light and Misa are going to move in together. Truly this is the darkest possible future. Oh yea, and Light is going to shuffle in his new world order. He starts covering Kira’s tracks by killing tons of people. At this point, I’m bummed that the Light/L dynamic is gone and I worry that the show is going to have a hard time continuing from here. Honestly, the last episode could have been a good, albet abrupt, end to the show. The Light/L dynamic fueled the conflict of the show and now there’s no tension.