Death Note 33-37

33 Scorn

N heads to Tokyo and tells L that they should meet face to face. N says the easiest way to end this is to kill Kira and the person who has his book, but that’s not how he does things. Unlike Kira, N is just as concerned with the means of justice as their ends. Kira gets Mikami to send 5 pages to Takada, make a fake notebook, and pretend to keep killing. Not quite sure what Kira has up his sleeve, but it’ll be interesting to see.

Misa and Takada have dinner together. It’s a strange scene, in part because it feels so out of league with the kind of material Death Note generally provides. A lot of the relational conflict stuff feels forced in this show. However, the animation in this sequence is quite great. The window lets in some great lighting and it looks fantastic. Takada discovers that Misa no longer remembers that Light is Kira. Takada ends up dissing Misa’s childishness and Misa gets wasted. Okaaaaay…that was a scene of Death Note.

34 Vigilance

N has now confirmed the identity of all the players now that he understands how Mikami and Takada fit into the mix. Kira reveals Misa was just his tool. Light makes it sound like he and Takada are planning to have Kira arrested. Aizawa finds out that that they’re passing notes during the meetings. He meets Near and tells him. N tells Aizawa and the taskforce to stay out of the way, that their job now is just to watch L. N takes Mochi and Misa into custody. N gets closer by getting photos of Mikami’s Death Note.

35 Malice

The opening scene is a beautiful, quiet montage opening. It does a great job of conveying a sense of the passage of time without using words. Light believe he’s won before N even contacts him about the meet, it must be part of the secret plan he worked out. N and Light set up the meet, but N expects Light will launch a plan. Death Note gets into its crazy editing mode as both declare they know the other’s plan in their mind. Of course the wild card is Mello who ends up kidnapping Takada while she has the pages of the Death Note. She writes his name on the note as they’re driving. When the Tokyo team gets word of her kidnapping, Kira kills her before they get to her with the note in his watch. Worst. Boyfriend. Ever.

36 1.28

In the wake of Takada’s death, everyone is clamoring to be Kira’s new representative. N confirms that the meeting is still on. It’s yet another example of how quick this show is to forget about the death of its characters. At least this episode makes it a little bit of a consideration. With the meet looming, Kira plans on killing everyone who knows about the Death Note once it all goes down. There’s some great animation again as the Tokyo team drives through rain on the way to the meet and enters the warehouse as washed out light floods them. Of course N wears a mask when they arrive. After they stand and wait for 30 minutes, N removes the mask.

N reveals that he’s waiting for the man who has the Death Note to come and kill them all. N reveals that he’s replaced the pages so no one will die. Says the person who isn’t written in the book is Kira. But L knew N knew about the book and switched it out with the real one. Takada was the one writing in a fake book so they would tamper with the fake book. Light is on the verge of laughing once he realized he’s won. Mikamai comes in and reveals he’s written everyone’s names and Light says he’s won in the last moments of the episode.

Death Note’s animation is at its best when it’s either overbearingly atmospheric or edited together in a shaky, intense style. This episode deals out both styles of animation in spades with possibly some of the best frames of the show.

37 New World

No one dies. All the names are written in Mikami’s book except Light’s name. Light loses it, says he doesn’t know Mikami. N reveals he also switched out the real Death Note when he discovered the Death Note was a fake. Said he could see Ryuk the whole time since he touched the real Death Note so he knew he had won. Mikami went to the bank to write Mello’s name in the real book in the safe when Takada was kidnapped by Mello. Mello was actually working with N at the end, sacrificed himself so they could bring down Kira.

The style of this episode is intense, takes the shaky effect for the maximum dose of Death Note. Wash out all the images. Now caught, Kira says he’s already the leader of the world now, are they really going to kill him? Kira tries to write a name in the note in his watch, Matsuta shoots him. Threatens to kill him. Mikami kills himself. Light runs out of the warehouse as the chaos of Mikami’s death confuses everyone. His crew goes after him to finish the job. But Ryuk gets to him first. Ryuk writes his name in the book as Kira finds himself on the stairs of a warehouse. Ryuk’s final words are as good a line to describe my experience with Death Note: “We’ve eased each other’s boredom for a while. It’s been quite fun.”

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