Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 46-48

46 Looming Shadows

Winry returns home and goes to change clothes only to discover Ed chilling in her room eating a sandwich. Can’t a man just eat his sandwich in peace without chicks trying to flash him? Elsewhere, Al is kidnapped by Gluttony and Pride. Roy give Olivier some lovely flowers with a sweet note revealing the true identity of Selma. Bradly’s train stops on a bridge and is blown away.

The character interactions make this episode. Once you get past the slightly perviness of the Windry/Ed scene, their banter is great stuff. To the show’s credit, it’s not sexualized its female characters (besides Lust, which makes sense for the characters). Also, the short exchange with Roy and Olivier is quite nice as Roy gets under Olivier’s skin.

47 Emissary of Darkness

Ed meets his father, Hohenheim, who confirms that the Promised Day is when Father plans to launch his plan. As Ed and Greed head towards Central, they encounter Al who is now under the control of Pride. Using some quick thinking, Ed destroys all the light, leaving Pride unable to attack since he is tied to using shadows. Greed gives control over to Ling who can find the homuncului in the dark and then Lan Fan shows up with her newly equipped automail.

For an action heavy episode, I like that this one uses wits as much as brawn. Getting rid of the lights does handicap Pride, but it also leaves Ed and the group lost as to how they fight without being able to see. Overcoming this problem then leads to coping with Gluttony, who shows up into the fight. The slowly ramping conflicts and resolutions makes for a compelling action episode.

48 The Oath in the Tunnel

Ed and his crew continue to fight Pride and Gluttony. As light is restored, a new strategy is used as Lan Fan and Fu throw flashbangs to sever Pride’s shadow. Forced in a corner, Pride consumes Gluttony to gain more power. In Central, Roy begins his plan to take over the government by destroying his only connection to the past and kidnapping Mrs. Bradley.

This episode doesn’t quite have the cleverness of the previous episode, but it’s still a solid one. Intercutting Ed and crew with Roy and crew makes for an episode with a broader scope and the parallel action makes the episode move at a nice pace.

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