What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

What a riot. A documentary crew films a group of vampires living together. Each flatmate is a different type of vampire and cultures clash as they attempt to live together. Each dresses of their period and represents a different era of vampire. There’s a Nosferatu, an Interview with a Vampire, a The Lost Boys and even a Twilight vampire. Given this diversity, they don’t get along too well and the results are hilarious.

I was initially worried about the faux documentary style. It has been done to death and often results in a lot of laziness. However, the film has enough wit and humor to make the device work. For instance, other people are aware of the filmmakers and comment on them, making the device feel more than just a gimmick, but a tool for telling jokes.

What the film reminds me of is reality television. They might be these creatures of horror, but they spend so much of the film fighting like frat boys that the result feels like moments out of something like Jersey Shore, but have the benefit of being fictitious. Since we know it’s fake, the antics are a lot more enjoyable than watching flesh and blood people bicker over similarly trivial stuff.

For a film that initially worried me, I’m delighted that the film turned into the funniest film of 2015. The tone of the piece, the style of the filmmaking, and the ridiculous dialogue synthesize into comedic gold. It’s the kind of film you’ll want to quote with your friends and share with them, building up the delightful jokes in the film. Make sure to watch out for The Beast, though. Most frightening character of recent years.

© 2016 James Blake Ewing