I’m Starting a Patreon

If you want to skip the explanation, my Patreon page can be found here.

If you’re reading this, there’s a strong chance you enjoy the work I do. For that I am grateful. When I started writing movie reviews on my Xanga (remember that site) I didn’t expect anyone but my parents and maybe a few friends to read them. Now I’ve got complete strangers who’ve turned into friends because of my writing about movies and many other forms of media.

But the reality is that doing this takes a lot of time and time is money. And the nature of living in a civilization is that you need money to function in a society and as much as I’ve loved doing this for free for years, it’s not something I can justify doing free for much longer. My time is too precious now and as much as I enjoy writing as its own reward, some financial compensation would make living a lot easier.

I also think at least a moderate stream of money coming into this site could help me make it a lot better. One thing you might have noticed starting earlier in the year is that I’ve focused on posting less frequently, but longer, more engaging posts. Going forward I want to continue that. For a long time I wanted to put out as much as possible, now I’d like to slow down and give each post a bit more care and detail.

This means that average post takes about three to four times longer than the normal post. That’s extra time, energy, and effort I’m not putting into other things that could help me pay the bills. If I could earn enough off of this to alleviate some of that, I could consistently justify the hours I work on this job like an hourly part-time gig.

Attentive readers will remember I did a short stint of video essays I tried to pitch as a Patreon but that didn’t work out for a number of reasons, the main one being is that I think my audience has always been here for my writing and I was trying to create something no one was asking for.

With this Patreon I want to focus on writing and writing alone because it’s what I love the most, it’s what I have the most experience doing, and it seems to be what people like the most from me. It may not be as flashy or of its time as the video essay, but I think for my audience, it’s what you want.

Instead of trying to entice a whole new subset of readers, I should play to my strengths and do what I’ve done best for years, only make it even better.

All this is to say, I’d appreciate anything you could do to help me. Check out the Patreon page for details about the different tiers and rewards you can get. The big one will be an exclusive newsletter each month where I will talk about my thoughts on media you won’t be able to read anywhere else.

Even if you can only give a few bucks, it would be greatly appreciated. And whether or not you can give money, I’d appreciate it if you could share the page and get more eyeballs on it. After years of doing it, I’m still humbled and amazed that people are interested and want to read what I have to say and I value everyone who has ever come here to take the time to read something I’ve written.

Sidenote: the image I picked for this post is from L’Argent because for some reason I’ve got Bresson on my mind.

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