Closing Creative Criticism

It’s time to admit this journey is over. The last couple of years my writing has been sparse, mostly due to lots of personal issues. But as my situation has improved in recent months, I realized that while before I had the desire but not the motivation, now I have neither the desire nor the motivation to continue the site.

I initially wrote this long, rambling piece but I can boil it all down to a short bullet list:

  • I don’t watch many movies anymore, barely any TV, and don’t feel like writing about most of it.
  • I want to spend more time with friends and family.
  • Writing criticism online when most people have boxed themselves in echo chambers feels pointless.
  • Getting your content read involves promoting it on toxic and exploitative social media platforms.
  • I want to spend less time on the Internet in general.
  • I’ve got other writing projects I want to do.

To that last point, I’ll share something soon about how you can follow future writings. I’m thinking an email newsletter at the moment. The site will stay up for a while as I have paid for hosting at least through May of 2022. I still want to write a book on Abbas Kiarostami. I also want to finish a novel for once in my life even if it’s terrible. I’m not done writing, I’ve done it too long to want to give it up now, but I’ve done the website game so long now that I’m ready for a change.