LAMBcast 31

Because I have nothing better to do, I decided hijack another podcast and see if I can derail it and run it into the ground. I tried this by talking about horror movies. But I found myself amid a group of horror junkies, ruining my dastardly plans. While Movie Dictator Club is a more formal atmosphere, the LAMBcast is like sitting down with the guys on the couch and chatting. I’m fairly certain booze was involved for some members, as was swearing, so don’t listen if you’re offended by words in the English language. I’d say this is a more casual tone for me, but for those who know me, I abide in a constant state of relaxed indifference, so much so that I couldn’t even be bothered to link you to this podcast. But then I figured I wrote this stuff already, it be a shame to let it go to waste. Listen to it at the link bellow, or don’t, I really can’t be bothered about it.

Check it out over at The Large Association of Movie Blogs