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Hard Target (1993)

John Woo’s first American picture shows a distinct shift in the director’s work. While his films will contain his distinct style and excessive slow motion, his American films are much tamer than his Hong Kong pictures. In many ways one begins to see Woo’s assimilation into the Hollywood mentality as the heroes become more idealized, the line between good and evil is straightforward and the violence is tamed back. Continue reading Hard Target (1993)

30 Days of Night (2007)

Director David Slade’s directorial debut was the egregiously overlooked Hard Candy, a film I regret not getting around to revisiting for my Ellen Page marathon. It’s a fantastic film that relies on creating conflict more on the threat of violence than its actual practice. That doesn’t stop the film from being disturbing and brutal, if anything it enhances it.  Unfortunately, David Slades next film, 30 Days of Night, demands much less tact and much more blood, creating a picture that fails to effectively use his skills. Continue reading 30 Days of Night (2007)

September 2009 In Review

As some of you may have noticed I don’t actually rate films. I could write a whole blog post as to why, and probably will at some point in the future, but for now just know that instead of giving a film a x out of 4 stars or a letter grade I will instead be compiling all the films I’ve seen in a given month into one massive list. This list is ranked in descending order, meaning #1 was the one I thought was the best and the last one is the one I thought was the worst. However, I’m not counting films I’ve rewatched which I will compile into a non-ranked list. Only the new stuff gets ranked. Hope that makes sense.   Continue reading September 2009 In Review