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Cowboy Bebop E23-26

1.23 Brain Scratch

Cowboy Bebop has always been loosely structured, but this episode is a doozie in that regard. At first, it seems like it might be trying a unique storytelling technique, but instead it uses the unusual opening to delve into some interesting ideas about transhumanism and media. This is the best bit of science fiction from the whole series. The show has typically avoided taking on ideas, but when it does, the result is always interesting. I really dug this episode. It comes together nicely and concludes with some interesting ideas. Continue reading Cowboy Bebop E23-26

Cowboy Bebop E19-22

1.19 Wild Horses

What a cool episode. Spike is a super laid-back character, but this one takes that to a whole other level. It’s an episode more about tone and mood, at least the Spike part of it. He’s along for the ride, and just kicks back his legs. The blend of sci-fi and western is one of the staples of the show, but here it more direct than the rest of the show. Continue reading Cowboy Bebop E19-22

Cowboy Bebop E15-18

1.15 My Funny Valentine

Faye is one of those characters that I warm up to more and more as the show develops. Layer by layer, the show pulls back another bit of who she is as a character. Now the show dives deep into her backstory and it’s tragic. I love that the sci-fi bits are somewhat incidental, the episode is basically a fairy tale gone bad, or maybe what happens after the fairy tale. Continue reading Cowboy Bebop E15-18

Cowboy Bebop E11-14

1.11 Toys in the Attic

A fun throwback to some sci-fi staples. The obvious influence is Alien. It pretty much follows the film’s plotline. I wished the story diverged a little more. Still, the comedic tone does make it enjoyable. Spike lighting the cigarette and the 2001: A Space Odyssey montage are two of the funniest scenes in the show so far. I love the resolution, especially Spike’s little pontification punctuated by Ed’s fitful sleep. Not a grand episode, but good enough. Continue reading Cowboy Bebop E11-14

Cowboy Bebop E1-5

1.1 Asteroid Blues

Wonderful. In a little over 20 minutes, this show doesn’t have a lot of space to get into the details, but the story it tells in broad strokes hits all the right beats and the playful, understated romance leads to that final minute which has to be one of the best scenes of anime ever made. I gather that the show is more of a space Western, but this story seemed to have some heavy noir influences thrown into the mix, which I quite liked. Continue reading Cowboy Bebop E1-5