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My Top 10 Games of 2013


This was the year where I was going to quit video games. And I did about four or five times. But every time, I’d hear about some game that I knew I had to play or get an itch to return to a title I left unfinished and I’d come back to it. That, and I had a 8 month gap between finishing school and getting a full-time job. My love/hate relationship with the medium reached its zenith this year. The volatile game culture, the rampant misogyny, and growing corporate greed continue to make me sick. I attended PAX and that made me even sicker of gaming culture.

But these titles, and a few others, remind me that with each year the medium is maturing. People are creating new experiences and refining old ones into profound and rewarding titles. They’re still a bit off the beaten track, only one of these titles came from a AAA game developer. However, these titles are becoming easier to find and becoming louder voices in the conversation.

NOTE: All of these are based on PC release date because that’s the only platform I own.

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Top 15 Films of 2013

Or rather my Top 15 2013 Films I Saw in 2013. In terms of general movie-watching, I saw about half my usual number of films this year. Somehow, I still ended up seeing 15 films from this year that I’d recommend. You’ll see a distinct lack of big Hollywood films. I continue to find them less and less worthy of my time with each passing year. Most of the titles I choose instead are off the beaten track, many didn’t even show on more than a handful of screens in the US, but I think all of them are worth seeing.   Continue reading Top 15 Films of 2013