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Attack on Titan 4-6

4 The Night of the Closing Ceremony

Fast-forward five years and the children who joined up to be recruits in the army are now adults. Erin is just as shrill and vocal as ever. However, this time he does have an interesting point. The top recruits are given the opportunity to join the Military Police, which is the cushiest of the jobs in the military, never fighting Titans. Eren thinks it’s stupid that the best waste their best soldiers on a posh assignment. Therefore, when he graduates in the top ten of his class, he passes on joining the Military Police, inspiring others to join him in the Scout Regiment. Continue reading Attack on Titan 4-6

Attack on Titan 1-3

1-To You, in 2000 Years

Gigantic humanoid creatures called Titans roam the earth and have pushed humanity back to a tiny city for over a thousand years. We are introduced to these Titans in the opening sequence when a group called the Scout Regiment attack one of these Titans outside the walls. It’s a terrible introduction. For one, it fails to establish the evil nature of the Titans so it just seems like a random attack on a hapless creature. It also doesn’t do a good job of explaining why they are attacking a Titan. It’s not until the end of the episode that things start falling into place. Continue reading Attack on Titan 1-3

Neon Genesis Evangelion

What a daunting piece of art. Where does one begin? The title sequence alone could be a jumping off point for an entire piece. It’s a testament to the soul of the show, which is this dense, philosophical story. Whether or not that philosophizing adds up to anything meaningful is a debate, especially with the show’s own creator saying that a lot of the imagery was mostly just dressing for a cool aesthetic. Continue reading Neon Genesis Evangelion

Samurai Champloo 1-4

1 Tempestuous Temperaments

The wild, irreverent Mugen (Kazuya Nakai) and the reserved, principled Jin (Ginpei Sato) are slated to be executed by the corrupt town prefect. The episode rewinds to show the events leading up to their arrest. Mugen extorts a waitress named Fuu (Ayako Kawasumi) into paying him in food to fight thugs that bother her and one of the thug’s ends up being the prefect’s son. Meanwhile, Jin fights the prefect’s bodyguards when they attempt to bully a local peasant. Jin and Mugen end up fighting each other in the burning restaurant that Fuu works at before both end up being arrested. Fuu launches a plan to rescue them on the grounds that neither of them kill the other until they help her find a samurai that smells of sunflowers. Continue reading Samurai Champloo 1-4