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Millennium Actress (2001)

Life is a pursuit. To pursue something is to run after it, to take up the chase, to run. Millennium Actress is a race. It’s about the girl who runs.The film’s short runtime is deceptive given the span of time and the flow of ideas that the film pursues. It’s not simply about the girl who runs, but about the journey and pursuit that makes a life full, vibrant, and wondrous. Continue reading Millennium Actress (2001)

Anne of Green Gables 1-5

1 Matthew Cuthbert is Surprised

The setup is that Marilla and Matthew are siblings who never married anyone and live together at Green Gables. They decide to adopt a young boy to help around the place. But when Matthew goes to pick up the child, it’s a precocious girl named Anne. Not sure what to do, Matthew takes her to go back to Green Gables. She chats for quite some times on a great manner of things such as sleeping in a cherry blossom tree and the fact she can’t be truly happy because she has red hair. Continue reading Anne of Green Gables 1-5

Attack on Titan 4-6

4 The Night of the Closing Ceremony

Fast-forward five years and the children who joined up to be recruits in the army are now adults. Erin is just as shrill and vocal as ever. However, this time he does have an interesting point. The top recruits are given the opportunity to join the Military Police, which is the cushiest of the jobs in the military, never fighting Titans. Eren thinks it’s stupid that the best waste their best soldiers on a posh assignment. Therefore, when he graduates in the top ten of his class, he passes on joining the Military Police, inspiring others to join him in the Scout Regiment. Continue reading Attack on Titan 4-6