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Fireworks Wednesday (2006)

Dramatically explosive and slow-building, Fireworks Wednesday is a biting drama. From the strong sound design to the use of simple objects to build conflict, the film makes for a slow-moving, nail-biting look at a marriage gone horribly wrong. It’s a shame then that the film’s device for exploring the film proves to be one of its weakest points. Continue reading Fireworks Wednesday (2006)

Salaam Cinema (1995)

What is cinema? The ontological question can be approached from a plurality of perspectives, from the nature of its physical being to the loftier ideas of its place in the art world. Salaam Cinema is an answer to the question through an enactment of ideas. Instead of presenting a definitive idea of what cinema is, the film collects a swath of ideas that constitute cinema. Continue reading Salaam Cinema (1995)

Published: Fiction Criticizing Reality


The first chapter of my thesis on Abbas Kiarostami is now published. The chapter looks at the films Close-Up, And Life Goes On and Through the Olive Trees and examines how the films blend documentary and fiction filmmaking in order to critique the idea of film capturing reality.

You can read it over at CINEJ Cinema Journal
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