Judgement and Mercy in Dredd

Spoiler Alert: The film is discussed at length. 

Looking over the last decade, there’s one film that stands out to me that begs to be considered a cult classic. From the flashes of color draped across the brutalist architecture to the simple action story spanning one day, Dredd feels in the vein of an old ‘80s sci-fi flick that might have come out alongside Predator or RoboCop. The film oozes with a supreme sense of pulp and certainly digs into the roots of its comic book origins.


The Expanse (Books 1-4)

Leviathan Wakes

The human race expands out into the stars and splits into three major factions: Earth, Mars, and the Outer Planets. With different politics, societies and worldviews, the various factions don’t always get along. When the freighter The Canterbury is shot by a stealth ship of mysterious origins, the Outer Planets see it as an attack by Earth/Mars, and the beginnings of war commence. 


Black Mirror Seasons 1 & 2

Season 1

The National Anthem

What a messed up way to start a show. The princess of the royal family is kidnapped and the demand of the kidnapper is that the Prime Minister, Michael Callow (Rory Kinnear), have intercourse with a pig on live TV. Law enforcement starts hunting for the princess but as time ticks on, the reality of what may have to happen becomes more and more real.



My point of reference for Akira the manga is the 1988 film, a striking and bold work but one with a muddled, rushed story that never came together for me. There’s no denying the vision and influence of the film, but returning back to the source material, it is clear to see where writer and illustrator Katshiro Otomo cut corners in the film in order to establish a story that could fit into the runtime of a film.



Inspired by the work of American sci-fi author Phillip K. Dick and Western philosophy, Psycho-Pass envisions a future Japan where justice is enforced by an advanced technology known as the Sibyl System. Each person is scanned for his/her potential to do crime in an assessment known as a Psycho-Pass which measures one’s Crime Coefficient. If your Crime Coefficient is too high, lethal force is authorized by the Sibyl System which results in immediate judgment.