Games Year Lists

Top 7 Video Games of 2019

Every year is the year I’m going to quit video games and then every year I get sucked back into the hobby. For good or ill, there remains a constant stream of games that keep me coming back for more. This last year continues the trend as I took an early break only to find myself quickly returning to the hobby with some early notable releases. The summer months were a bit of a drag, but then things picked back up again and then I looked back at the year and realized how many titles I missed that I would have played given infinite amounts of time and money.

Comics Games

Is Batman Fascist?

Possessed by a desire to finish out the Batman video game trilogy, I decided to play the release of Batman: Arkham Knight released for free for a limited time on the Epic Store. I heard that there were problems, mostly involving the batmobile and performance issues, but within a few hours the game had me coming face to face with a question about my favorite childhood comic book hero: Is Batman fascist? 


Which Book Should I Write?

My dedicated readers will notice that my writing has trickled to a stream in 2019. There are many reasons for this but the key one is that I’ve been dedicating my time to finding a way to make money and blogging right now for me is not bringing in any money. Long story short, I’m still looking for income but I’ve also decided I’m tired of waiting to land a traditional job and may as well use my skills as a writer to come up with something I can sell: a book

Animation Film

Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Wreck-It Ralph broke a lot of the rules of the traditional Disney structure: a story from the viewpoint of a supposed villain, a Disney princess not looking for true love, and a celebration of contemporary culture instead of a yearning back to a bygone historical period. Ralph Breaks the Internet continues these trends and presenting an entirely different worldview than most Disney films.


Top 50 Video Games (2018): 1-10

  1. Spelunky

Spelunky is the game I play when I’m feeling down. Spelunky is the game I think about when I think about great game design.  Spelunky is the game I want to see ported to the Switch the most. It checks so many boxes for me: endlessly playable, difficulty but fair, a game I can play to decompress, it lets me rescue dogs to gain health, and a game that continues to surprise me even after 100+ hours of play. Few things in this world exist mean as much to me as this game does. It’s the greatest.