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The Killing (1956)

When it comes to addressing old films, there are two broad schools of thought: one is that they don’t make them like they use to and the other is that technology has improved the quality of films. While each side has its pros and cons what it often boils down to is citing examples. Whether it’s the grand visuals of Avatar or the beautiful dramatics of Broken Blossoms, each side has some strong hitters. Continue reading The Killing (1956)

We Own the Night (2007)

We Own the Night is the greatest crime drama since The Godfather: Part II. Much like Coppla’s classic film trilogy, We Own the Night is more interested in developing rich characters than in pushing forward a plot. The action and plot only serve to shape and move the players, mixing family drama with the crime genre, concocting a lethal mix between the personal lives of the family and business. Continue reading We Own the Night (2007)