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Rasputin: The Road to the White House

The twist ending of last year’s gorgeous, haunting Rasputin flug the titular character into the future. Now working for a famous politician, Rasputin works from the shadows to ensure she stays alive, even if it means bringing her back from the dead. But a reporter puts the clues together and confronts Rasputin. Not the wisest of plans. Continue reading Rasputin: The Road to the White House

Harrow County

Note: This is a review of the first two volumes of Harrow County: Countless Haints & Twice Told.

Harrow County is an unusual coming of age story where Emmy discovers that she is actually the child of a witch and that witch embodies her being. Well, that’s certainly a curveball. Emmy strives to go against her nature and use her witch powers for good instead of evil. The series hits high-gear when Emmy discovers that she has a sister named Kammi that has the same set of powers but, shocker, uses them for evil. Continue reading Harrow County

Black Mirror Season 3


Social media taken to the point where every interaction is built around getting a rating. I like this idea because it gets to our unhealthy obsession with our presence on social media. How many likes, favorites, retweets and comments we get. And it creates this horrific artificiality where everyone projects this view of life being amazing and everything being pristine when so much of it isn’t. Continue reading Black Mirror Season 3