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Sailor Twain

Folklore is one of those primal, all-transcending human experiences. All cultures and tribes have their own legends, stories, and tales of that which goes beyond human understanding, the unusual, bizarre, surreal, and fantastical. These legends often carry with them true weight and resonance, the stories themselves may seem silly, but behind them are powerful ideas that can tell us a lot about a culture. Continue reading Sailor Twain

Criminal: Coward

The crime drama often struggles to find equilibrium. On one end, there are crime stories that can often romanticize or glamorize the crime world. On the other end, crime dramas can often be exploitative and grimy for the sake of being sensational. Criminal: Coward is one of those rare crime stories that finds the perfect equilibrium between the two, thrilling without ever feeling adventurous and grimy without ever being exploitative. Continue reading Criminal: Coward