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Anne of Green Gables 6-10

6 Anne of Green Gables

Marilla observers that Anne’s only real shortcoming is her penchant to daydream. Marilla decides to wait to tell Anne that she will stay at Green Gables. Of course, Anne asks at one point and Marilla tells her to get back to work. When Anne is finally told she imagines herself soaring to the sky. Anne promises to be her best. Continue reading Anne of Green Gables 6-10

Millennium Actress (2001)

Life is a pursuit. To pursue something is to run after it, to take up the chase, to run. Millennium Actress is a race. It’s about the girl who runs.The film’s short runtime is deceptive given the span of time and the flow of ideas that the film pursues. It’s not simply about the girl who runs, but about the journey and pursuit that makes a life full, vibrant, and wondrous. Continue reading Millennium Actress (2001)

From Up on Poppy Hill (2011)

In an increasingly modern and individualistic world, people often downplay who they are and where they come from. Who your parents are, who raises you, where you come from: these things define your past and can often control how you act in the present. From Up on Poppy Hill is a story that reminds us it’s never too early to look back. Continue reading From Up on Poppy Hill (2011)

Cowboy Bebop Postmortem

I thought I’d give a few closing thoughts on the series. Bellow is every episode ranked in my personal order of preference. I also made a few fun categories of my other favorite things about the show. Feel free to ask me about any of my other general thoughts about the show. It was the first time I’ve gone through an anime show (I’ve seen plenty of anime movies), and it was a blast. Continue reading Cowboy Bebop Postmortem

Cowboy Bebop E19-22

1.19 Wild Horses

What a cool episode. Spike is a super laid-back character, but this one takes that to a whole other level. It’s an episode more about tone and mood, at least the Spike part of it. He’s along for the ride, and just kicks back his legs. The blend of sci-fi and western is one of the staples of the show, but here it more direct than the rest of the show. Continue reading Cowboy Bebop E19-22