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Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team

Gundam is one of the pillars of anime, an entire franchise birthed in the medium that branched off into other mediums and the most lucrative intellectual properties in the world to have its origins in anime. And it makes sense given how the spectacle of giant mecs fighting an interplanetary war is the perfect world for the animation medium where production costs won’t run as high as live-action TV and film. Continue reading Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team

Wonder Woman (2017)

DC Films hasn’t put out a decent film in almost a decade. Loud, brash, abrasive films with overlong runtimes, grim tones, and bland, muted color palettes comprise just about everything that’s wrong with the superhero genre. Instead of letting up on the oppression, DC Films doubled down placing Zack Snyder as the visionary for a DC expanded universe. Therefore, I had no expectations for Wonder Woman. Continue reading Wonder Woman (2017)

Band of Brothers

World War II might be the most overused period when it comes to war stories. From the grand scale to the morally reprehensible antagonist, there’s a lot that makes World War II an easy setting for telling a war story. It also results in a lot of lazy stories that prey on cheap emotional manipulation. To tell a truly compelling and fresh World War II story is a rare feat, but it something Band of Brothers manages by following the entire war for one group in the war: Easy Company in the 101st Airborne Infantry. Continue reading Band of Brothers

The Thin Red Line (1998)

In 20 years, Malick’s aesthetic remains mostly intact. Yes, there’s a heavy reliance on handheld cameras which often results in a more intimate and personable space with the subjects and within their world. Most of what has changed is his storytelling techniques. In contrast to Badlands and Days of Heaven, films that used the interior of a female character as the conduit for the film’s observations, Malick’s approach has become broader and more driven by theme than by one character’s perception. Continue reading The Thin Red Line (1998)